Lean Logistics And How It Can Help Cold Storage Facilities

Lean Logistics And How It Can Help Cold Storage Facilities

Lean Logistics And How It Can Help Cold Storage Facilities

Lean Logistics: A Timely ConceptIf your enterprise has considered implementing new cold storage facilities or upgrading or renovating an existing refrigerated warehouse, your management appreciates the importance of remaining competitive in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Today, few concepts possess the timeliness of agile, lean management. This idea permeates many aspects of organizations: it has impacted logistics in a striking way.

How can lean logistics help your company utilize its cold storage assets more effectively? Why does this consideration hold the potential to expand your revenues in the future?

Going Lean

The idea of “lean management” gained widespread popularity after automakers in Japan during the post-World War II era demonstrated the competitive benefits of establishing production systems which functioned with as little waste as possible. By designing inventory systems to meet the needs of workers on the factory floor, and gearing production to customer demand, management could eliminate costly overruns. Companies also utilized warehouse space more efficiently. These innovations translated into more profitable manufacturing.

Today, an emphasis on “lean” systems influences everything from software design and development to logistics. The field of Lean Logistics, in fact, enables companies to cut waste and optimize available resources by conducting a systems analysis process to literally track the course of individual products through every step in the supply chain.

Responding to Customer “Pull”

The “pull” initiated by a customer’s order initiates a chain of events reverberating across the entire distribution mechanism. Just like manufacturing facilities, restaurants, and other service companies which typically rely upon cold storage have begun appreciating the cost savings capabilities of implementing waste-cutting measures at every stage in the supply chain.

Have you considered working with your construction company to enhance the agility and leanness of your cold storage facilities? If you notice competitors gaining marketplace advantages, the time may have arrived to initiate waste-reduction logistics strategies! Today, innovative designs for cold storage facilities help many companies utilize transportation and warehousing assets more effectively on a daily basis, ultimately contributing to the firm’s bottom line.

Better Supply Chain Management

Yet another benefit of better supply chain management involves increasing delivery speed. When goods arrive on time in an environment permitting tracking, enterprises such as grocery stores, restaurants, delis, convenience stores, salad bars, orchards, dairies, and institutions can satisfy customers without losing potential revenue because of inventory shortages or wasteful oversupply situations.

Tools such as Six Sigma Logistics help highly trained managers implement lean methodologies in a systematic way. The ability to harness the flow of information generated by statistical process control tools can greatly assist businesses as they model the flow of products within a distribution network.

Implementing Lean Logistics

Today, automation and the application of disciplined, statistics-based strategies play an increasingly vital role in helping companies gain the greatest possible utility from their cold storage assets. Cutting waste in this area could enable your firm to devote resources to marketing or other revenue-generating activities. You might enhance enterprise profitability significantly!

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